Robotics explained

Hi, I'm Annika.

I am a roboticist and software engineer with several years of experience in intuitive robot programming, robotics control and motion planning.

On this site, I explain some core robotics concepts helpful to get you started with robotics or to deepen your knowledge. If you are new to robotics I suggest to start with the article about robot poses, but feel free to pick any topic from the menu you are interested in and start there. Up to now, only a small portion of the core concepts of robotics are covered. I plan to update this site regularly with new content.

Even though I try to explain things as simple as possible, mathematics and especially linear algebra is the language of robotics, so be prepared to see many vectors and matrices.

If you have questions or feedback, don't hesitate to contact me at

  1. Robot Pose
  2. Transformation Matrix
  3. Forward Kinematics
  4. Inverse Kinematics
  5. Robot Jacobian
  6. Singularity
  7. Dynamics
  8. Impedance Control